Vmware-iso builder - Couple of questions. Remove 2nd CDROM and option not to convert to VMWare template?

I have looked through docs a few times, and my google foo is also failing me on this one.
I have a number of post template creation steps I need to do and would like to be able to leave the template as a VM, not VM Template. This simplifies automating the next steps - some image validation, and publishing template to a VM content library as a VM not OVA (I have a network of content library subscribers that all pull from the one place.

Also, its easy from me to catch in the next step, but it would be nice if I can trim the CDROM device count down to 1 after setting up system. VM Tools and OS Media ISOs in the builder leave the resulting system with 2 CDROMs.


Have you tried the remove_cdrom = “true” option → VSphere ISO - Builders | Packer by HashiCorp

As for the template by default it should not be creating a template as per → VSphere ISO - Builders | Packer by HashiCorp

but maybe if you set convert_to_template = “false” it might help.

Hi, I am wondering if this is doable - because the artifact has 2-CDROMs, and the remove_cdrom parm is bool - how can we keep say CD0 or CD1 and delete the 2nd CDROM?