Transfer template created in one vsphere using vsphere-iso to a different vsphere

Hello! I’m here after days of scouring the internet for documentation and examples. Here’s my issue - I have a gorgeous pipeline creating centos7/el8/el9 templates using the vsphere-iso builder. This is occurring on our dev vsphere instance. I need packer to then copy those templates to a completely separate prod vsphere instance. I swear I’ve tried every combo I can find of post-processors with zero luck. Please halp.

I don’t think you can tell Packer to connect and then launch copy of something, i mean, that’s not the purpose of this tool.

Why are you trying to copy them whereas you can re-launch your Packer build to your other environment ? Should be the easiest solution so far

Else, why don’t you call a Powershell script in your CI/CD that copy your template once deployee (with any API or PowerCLI for example) from one to another of your instance ?

Have you looked into VMware content libraries?

I build in one place, then push the template to the content library. Deploy the template elsewhere.