How to do a migration in a cluster running in k8s?

Dear hashicorp user community,

I have a vault cluster running in k8s with raft storage. I would like to do a migration to file storage but I am not sure how to put the nodes offline. The only way I am aware is to put the nodes in recovery mode but the helm charts does not explain how to do this Configuration | Vault by HashiCorp

any advice on how to put pods in recovery mode or offline so I can run the migration?

thank you very much

Why would you change from raft to file?

What is recovery mode? That’s not a vault function or state.

I imagine in kubernetes you have to attach to the the leader pod and run the migration from there, delete the old raft nodes and start up new file based nodes instead. It would be not be a trivial task and there isn’t an upside to the migration.