How to pass JSON string in cosul key/value UI

I am trying to pass a JSON string as key. I have tried keeping it escaped as well as unescaped but I am not able to read this config value in golang.

Getting errors like below :slight_smile:
expected a top-level item to end with a newline, comment, or EOF, but got ‘i’ instead"

JSON starts like {“installed”:
Cannot share the full JSON due to confidentiality issue.

Please let me know if anyone knows any workaround.

Hi @fox-batman121,

At a quick glance, this appears to work.

$ consul kv put "{\"installed\":" test
Success! Data written to: {"installed":
$ consul kv get "{\"installed\":"

Would you mind providing a bit more information as to exactly how you are attempting to persist this key to Consul and what is failing? Ideally it’d be helpful to have step-by-step instructions that reliably reproduce the issue so that we may assist in debugging the problem.