UI Visualization Custom Metrics Provider

I’m currently attempting to setup a custom metrics provider, according to [this](https:///usr/local/bin/consul agent -config-file=/etc/consul/config.json -config-dir=/etc/consul/consul.d -pid-file=/var/run/consul/consul.pid ) documentation, the custom options to pass to the provider are entered in the metrics_provider_options_json option.

I have a json configuration instead of HCL (its easier to auto generate with my pipeline), when using a literal json object for the config in this manner, I get a go error as its apparently looking for a string, not a map which is what you get when you parse json in go without a struct (map[string]interface). If I provide an escaped json string, I get a parsing error.

Has anyone configured this option with a json configuration instead of hcl successfully? if so, what format does it truly expect metrics_provider_options_json to be in? I’m trying to avoid having one hcl configuration file and the rest be json.