How to setup CNI for workloads running on EC2 client clusters

I want to reach out to the community here to get some help on how to set up a CNI plug-in for nomad workloads running on AWS EC2 workloads. I am not an expert in the networking field by any means, but I can understand basic things like subnets, IPAM, etc.

My goal is to run a group of docker containers (e.g., Nginx, node-js, envoy, etc.) with the Bridge network and assign unique IP accessed outside VPC/AZs. I have come across Amazon VPC CNI,, but it seems k8s based. Not sure if I can use it on the Nomad platform?

So, If anyone already using CNI (preferably AWS VPC CNI) for nomad workloads, can you please help how to set it up?