How to share qcow artifact between allocs?

I am looking for some help to share a .qcow2 image downloaded as artifact between multiple allocs.
My use case:

  • Build using packer and uploaded to artifactory
  • Download the image to a shared directory on some nomad clients
  • Start Multiple Jobs with each running a single QEMU image as snapshot

What worked so far:

  • Add plugin stance to client configuration:
plugin "qemu" {
  config {
    image_paths = ["/srv/nomad/images"]
  • Download image manually to this folder
  • Use the image
image_path = "/srv/nomad/images/packer-focal2004"

But if I download the image via the artifact stance from artifactory it is stored in the data_dir/alloc/alloc-id/srv/nomad/images folder

      artifact {
        source = "https://artifactory/path/to/image"
        destination = "/srv/nomad/images/packer-focal2004"

What options do I have to download and share between allocs?