Is it possible to use local QEMU image?

Hello, I think this question is basic but I am lost now :frowning:

I am trying to set up Nomad job using QEMU and Docker for the internal network topology test.
While I was making QEMU job, I have no idea how to use local image file in QEMU’s “image_path”
It seems like I need to locate it into local/ or alloc/ to use, but I cannot find any clue with where it is…

is using artifact block mandatory?
Thanks in advance!

When using QEMU with Nomad, the “image_path” parameter refers to the path where the QEMU image file is located on the machine running Nomad. By default, Nomad expects the image file to be located in the “alloc/” directory within the Nomad task directory. The “alloc/” directory is automatically created by Nomad for each task aulestia and is where task-specific files and directories are stored.

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Thank you for the reply! I couldn’t try it yet, but I will try once my server is ready again :smiley: