How to use mongodb as backend storage for vault?

I want to store my backend data of vault in my mongo server which is already up and running but there is no support for mongo in documentation. How can I store my vault secret data in mongo server?

Quick help will be appreciated. Thank you!

Currently there’s no support for using MongoDB as a storage backend.

If MongoDB is the only way you can store your Vault secrets we would gladly accept a PR at hashicorp/vault that would add community support for it.

Hey lukas,
Can i use load balancer to redirect my vault secret to my mongo server?

As I said, MongoDB is currently not supported as a backend storage and adding a load balancer won’t change that.

It would not be a problem to place Vault behind a load balancer. You can find some information regarding high availability and access in the HA documentation:

Minor clarification, I think that this statement accidentally gives the impression that the Vault team expressly would sponsor a PR for a Mongo storage back-end. Lukas is with a different organization than Vault, though, unless I am mistaken.

The Vault team does indeed welcome community PRs very much, and we do our best to address them given the size of our team.