How to work Credentials

How to work with Credentials in Boundary Desktop GUI? Shouldn’t it be that when I have a credential as in a screen, should I not be connected from putty automatically? Because in my enviroment require crenential.


There are a few things here that need to all work together to handle automatic connection with injected credentials:

  • The Boundary control plane must be HCP Boundary – OSS Boundary doesn’t support credential injection (only brokering, where the user gets the credential, which is what you’re seeing here)
  • The credential library must be an ssh credential type
  • The target using the credential library must also be of type ssh

I can’t see from the screenshot above what your credential type is, but I can see the target type is a generic TCP target.

As far as automatically invoking the PuTTY client, the desktop app doesn’t auto-invoke a client but the CLI connect ssh overlay will invoke ssh if it’s available. I believe it will do this on Windows if it’s running inside a WSL shell (which is basically a Linux VM).

Ok, i got it. In my environment I use OSS. Are You will planned introduce static option in OSS? Thanks for explains. Yes CLI invoke putty session, but not everyone is moving fluently around the CLI :slight_smile:

You can create a static SSH credential library, and add username/password credentials to it that will be brokered to a user when they connect to an SSH target.