How Waypoint preserves application state?

Hey guys, I wonder - how to set up waypoint so it could preserve state?
Right now - if we deploy to ECS using waypoint - there is lots of stuff waypoint creates automatically (lb, target groups, listeners). But if I use suggested “pipeline” - every time application is deployed - it requires manual actions (changing lb, removing listeners, removing target groups) which is troublesome.
Do you have more prod ready comprehensive pipeline with multiple environments setup examples?

Hi bananaseason,

Waypoint preserves state in the waypoint server. If no server is configured, the waypoint CLI can operate without it, but state won’t be preserved between deploys. We’d recommend that you install the waypoint server somewhere that gitlab workers can reach it. You’ll also be able to skip the waypoint init step in that pipeline, because the application should already be configured on the server when the pipeline runs. Let us know if that doesn’t address your issue!

Better support and tutorials for multi-environment workflows are something we’re working on actively, so stay tuned!