How will the new "default AWS S3 bucket policy" changes affect terraform-managed deployments?

AWS will change the default policies for new S3 buckets to be less permissive: Heads-Up: Amazon S3 Security Changes Are Coming in April of 2023 | AWS News Blog

Once the changes are in effect for a target Region, all newly created buckets in the Region will by default have S3 Block Public Access enabled and access control lists (ACLs) disabled. Both of these options are already console defaults and have long been recommended as best practices. The options will become the default for buckets that are created using the S3 API, S3 CLI, the AWS SDKs, or AWS CloudFormation templates.

  • Any hints how this might affect existing AWS deployments (managed by Terraform)?
    • I assume it will not, unless creating a new bucket. Is this correct?
  • Is the provider’s defaults aligned with AWS’?