I am a user who uses consul with nomad.
When using consul, I leave an inquiry because I have a curious value among the config values.
What I’m asking is: “http_max_conns_per_client”
It is this value.
What is the client value that this value is talking about?
Is it the number of registered services of consul?
Or is it the number of clients accessing the consul registered service?
I’m curious about what the price is, so I’m posting an inquiry.

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Hi @swbs90,

The client referred to here are the HTTP Clients that talk to the Consul Agents HTTP API. It doesn’t have anything to do with the services registered in the Consul Cluster. In other words, it is the maximum number of TCP connections that can be opened from a single IP (client) at a given time. Additional connections coming from the client will be closed with an HTTP 429 status.

ref: Agents - Configuration File Reference | Consul | HashiCorp Developer