HUG Organizer Slack Best Practices

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The HashiCorp User Group (HUG) Organizer Slack has grown exponentially since it was created and I’d like to take some time to share lessons learned and suggested best practices as the admin of the Slack.

As of July 2020, there are 267 HUG organizers in #general.

Code of Conduct & HashiCorp Principles

It is required that all communications are within the expectations of HashiCorp’s Community Guidelines and Principles.

When a community member interacts in an undesirable way, we will take action quickly and work with that community member to grow and learn from the experience, or in more severe cases, be removed from the group.

General is a place to connect with everyone.

We encourage HUG organizers to share links to their virtual Meetups so others can join. It is good to ask any general questions about HashiCorp tools or the HUG program in #general in case other organizers are wondering the same thing.

The general channel is a place where myself and other admins will drop in information about tool releases, content, HashiTalks CFP, scholarship applications, ambassador nominations, HashiConf details, and more.

When joining the Slack as a new organizer, we recommend that organizers introduce themselves to all other organizers letting them know a bit about themselves, their background with HashiCorp, the local community they are organizing, and goals of their chapter.

It is not suggested that broadcast functions such as @ here and @ channel are used.

Local communication
Each HUG has a channel dedicated to collaboration amongst local organizers. It is encouraged that all channels be public and are titled #city. For example, the Madrid, Spain HUG organizers collaborate in #madrid.

Regional communication
Each region has a channel where organizers from local communities in similar time zones can collaborate to host a virtual Meetup, or cross post their Meetup to other chapters to cast a wider net for attendees.

The HUG communities in Africa and India use their respective channels often and it is a joy to see these organizers collaborating to host Meetups.

The social channel is a good place for HUG organizers to put content on HashiCorp’s radar that they would like us to consider sharing on HashiCorp Twitter and LinkedIn.

The submitted content could be something that the HUG organizers have published, their upcoming Meetup, or anything in between. Submissions are considered on a case-by-case basis.

What channels will you create?
All HUG organizers are encouraged to make special interest channels and socialize them in #general for other organizers to join.

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