Hyper-V ssh keep-alive after netplan stops provisioning

Hello vagrant community,

First thank you for an awesome project! I love and use vagrant every day for my personal and professional life :grin:!

So, recently I was trying to add hyper-v to one of my projects, but when I attempted to run a command which fixes an issue with DNS on one of the boxes I normally use its like the inline provider just stopped provisioning. I am pretty sure this is a bug, but I just wanted to post in here before submitting an issue just to check.

So, here is me adding the hyper-v provider to my Vagrantfile, and when I attempt to do the following for hyper-v it stops on the netplan apply command:

vagrant provision --provision-with fix-dns

Here is a picture when I ran the previous command with timestamped debug logs enabled:

as you can see it starts to run the keep-alive ssh (no idea what that is), but if I close that window (since windows locks vagrant to only using one ruby connection at a time) and do a vagrant ssh everything works perfectly fine. I can even run sudo netplan apply and it comes back no problem when I am sshed in.

So, I don’t know what is happening during the inline shell provisioner to start running the keep alives, and why it isn’t finishing that, but it completely stops the whole flow for the provisioning.

If I should file a bug instead of posting here let me know, but I figured I’d check here first to see if anyone knew why this was happening.