Vagrant suspend on hyper-v, possible to use 'save' instead of 'suspended'?


I’m using vagrant with hyper-v providers and it takes quite a long time to spin up the boxes as they also have many shared directories and always run providers.

The problem is that “vagrant suspend” puts the Hyper-V Box in suspended mode. But contrary thy VirtualBox Hyper-V does not free up its memory when boxes are suspended and I always end up having not enough memory so I have to halt the boxes which results in those long startup periods.

Is it somehow possible with some plugin, trigger, hook, script or whatever method to use the ‘save’ action in case of the hyper-v provider when using “suspend”. This actually will free-up the memory and be nearly as fast suspending the disk. Moreover it will do mostly the same as VirtualBox’s suspend command which afaik also stores state to disk. But suspending in Hyper-V means keeping memory intact so it has a different meaning.

Thanks for any help on this.