I ❤️ HashiConf!

Tell us why you love HashiConf to win one of 5 artisan HashiCorp keycaps!


…because Vault is pretty cool :smiley:

Because of how flexible and modular products are :black_heart:

Because I get to feed back to the people behind the technical delivery how we use, modify and automate the company’s products, helping them to understand what features and issues mean the most to us.

Because I love terraform and vault!

20 characters to say that I am also in!

Because you chose a great venue, because the talks are inspiring and the community is great.

Because of the great community and networking!! Also TF works like a boss. :sunglasses:

I really love Hashicorp because Nomad and Consul are the most reliable parts of our stack. Love showing-off that we’ve got Nomad in production for 2+ years :heart: :blush: :sunny: :rainbow:

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Because Terraform and community is awesome!

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Because it’s the best conference ever!

Because of the great opportunity to meet and learn in such a great venue!

terraform makes my ops life easier everyday :slight_smile:
thank you for the conference, such a lovely event.

Because it scales better than any other big conference. And the tools are great

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Tools and Employees have a clear focus on solving things, thats why.

Because it allows me to get my work done better and the faster. +5 speed
The Fancy escape key will allow me to look fancy doing it


Because I love :heart: all Hashicorp tools

Because the individuals working inside really appreciate! All of which I met were super friendly and open to help!


As it immensely helps me and our team in our journey to IaC and let me started to think about Policy As Code

Just like Consul connects services, HashiConf connects people. :heart_eyes: