I messed up my terraform cloud configuration by manually removing a resource then force cancelling an apply

I was testing my dockerized app on an aws ec2 instance since it wasn’t working on fargate. After testing, I force reset my github remote head to 4 commits before that, back to the way it was before.

Terraform cloud was having trouble deleting a resource (taking very long) so I manually deleted it in AWS console. I force canceled the apply after. Now when I try to reapply, it is still trying to delete this non-existing resource and times out.

How do I get it to forget about deleting that resource?

I am reading up on the ‘terraform state rm’ command but am unsure how to run that command in the cloud UI.

I tried setting up local with the terraform cli to run that command but can’t get it to connect with my cloud.

You need to create a local Terraform configuration consisting of just a backend block - Backend Type: remote | Terraform by HashiCorp

You need to have an access token set up - see Command: login | Terraform by HashiCorp

With these pieces in place, you can terraform init in that configuration, and then use the terraform state ... commands from there.