Tainting a resource with Terraform Cloud

I’m just starting out using Terraform - I have my tf files in a bitbucket repo and it’s linked to Terraform Cloud, creating infrastructure in AWS. All working fine on the whole.

I’m having some issues with a particular AWS resource which I want to taint. How can I do this given I’m using Cloud and not the CLI?

I’ve tried the CLI against my local clone of the repo but it tells me “backend reinitialization required. Please run terraform init” which I’m loathe to do in case it screws things up.


  1. can I use CLI and Cloud concurrently on the same config? If so, how?
  2. using Cloud, how do I taint a resource?
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@jonfrank as long as you’re specifying your backend is terraform cloud you can still continue to run terraform from the cli. All requests will just be sent through to TFC. I personally use terraform taint and terraform import from the CLI even though I use TFC for my backend. The one time this does not work is when you have remote apply enabled for that particular workspace. Then you wont be able to run a terraform apply from the CLI.

Hope this helps.