Ignition provider error

Im trying to use ignition provider in a module, but when apply terraform i get this error:

    Error: Unsupported argument

      on modules/bootstrap/main.tf line 13, in data "ignition_config" "bootstrap-ign":
      13:   append {

    An argument named "append" is not expected here.

Im using this in my module:

    terraform {
      required_providers {
        ignition = {
          source = "community-terraform-providers/ignition"
          version = "2.1.1"

    data "ignition_config" "bootstrap-ign" {
      append {
        source = var.bootstrap_ign

i have the required_providers in my root module too. I dont know if im doing something wrong. Im using Terrafom 0.14.2 and the provider from community-terraform-providers 2.1.1

Thanks in advance!

That error is because there is no such block as “append” in the current version of the provider. Having a look through the git history we can see this commit removed it:

It looks like it was renamed to “merge”. Maybe give that a try instead.

It looks like the documentation hasn’t been updated for a while, so seems to be out of date. I’d suggest raising an issue on their GitHub.

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Thank you so much Stuart! It works!!!
I will create an issue on their Github.

But now i have another question, i realize that this version of ignition uses Config Spec V3.X. Thats a problem for me because i have a dependency and i need that uses Config Spec V2.X. Now i recibe errors in my already deployed infra that say Ignition failed: unsupported config version. I know this problem is not on the terraform side but I just want to ask for some advice.

In the terraform registry I have not found other sources to use ignition with an older version. So the question would be: would i have to use terraform 0.12 to be able to use ingnition in version v2.X? Or is there some other way to use an old version provider that is not in the terraform registry, for example the versions in this archived hashicorp git repo.