Importing Okta OIN Org2Org Application

Hello Community,
I’m new to Terraform, but I’m trying to understand how to manage an OIN asset that currently exists in Okta, that I can import, and then integrate as a part of my file. So I’ve performed the import process where a new terraform.tfstate file is created, but I would like to now see all the details in the to be filled out in my json object that was originally used to pull down my OIN app to be populated. I hope I’m not getting the concept incorrectly but I would appreciate any help in understanding to be able to pull an OIN app down and manage it.

thank you,

Welcome to the forum! How are you currently managing your terraform state? If it’s done locally you can see the details in your tfstate file, but the import command won’t actually write the config in your file for you

Yes it is locally I do see it in the tfstate file. I can create a file from the tfstate if necessary. Would anyone happen to know how I can put “group push” settings in as well, as I don’t see them as part of the app.