Init issue, Error: Failed to install provider

hello, newbie question i am sure, please advise, tried all the stackoverflow suggestions. long filename support turned on, path as short as possible, this is W10

terragrunt init

Initializing the backend…

Initializing provider plugins…

  • Reusing previous version of hashicorp/aws from the dependency lock file
  • Installing hashicorp/aws v3.63.0…

    │ Error: Failed to install provider

    │ Error while installing hashicorp/aws v3.63.0: open
    │ .terraform\providers\\hashicorp\aws\3.63.0\windows_amd64\terraform-provider-aws_v3.63.0_x5.exe:
    │ The system cannot find the path specified.

level=error msg=1 error occurred:
* exit status 1