Install Vagrant on macOS without administrative priviliges

We are using vagrant on a corporate managed macbook and one of the steps that the security team is rolling out is taking away administrative privileges / sudo rights.
We will have to request sudo rights per specific command where we should be able to do sudo.

For now, vagrant has been resolved and we can use it, but to be future proof, I’d like to see how we can use administrative rights as less as possible.

Two questions around this:

  • Is there any possible way to install vagrant without sudo rights? I get following output if I try it:
/usr/sbin/installer -pkg /opt/homebrew/Caskroom/vagrant/2.3.7/vagrant.pkg -target / -verboseR                                                                                                                                      
installer: Must be run as root to install this package.
  • Seeing as we have corporate macbooks, that are behind a secure web gateway, we have to add the certificate of the secure web gateway to the /opt/vagrant/embedded/cacerts.pem file. This is also owned by root. Is there any way to not make it owned by root so we can update it without sudo rights?