Installing Boundary Without Generated Resources

Today I was trying to boot my own Boundary server.
Trying to understand the documents, in this link:

Installing Boundary Without Generated Resources | Boundary by HashiCorp

I got the following error:

Error parsing config file: open /etc/boundary.hc: no such file or directory

Documents is very confusing, nowhere in the guide says where is this .hc file and how do I create it, I searched the internet and several git repositories and found nothing. Can someone help me? Documents is very incomplete and it takes me a week to start a simple test server … very sad

I’m guessing you have a typo somewhere as Hashicorp products are written in hcl files. the config should be /etc/boundary.hcl

Thanks for posting @anderson.iarrocheski - the link you provided is for launching boundary without generated resources. By default, we’ll pre-populate the DB with resources like a user, account, and a SSH target pointed at localhost to making getting started very simple. In most non-dev instances, these are unnecessary, and that link reviews what resources you need to create to get off the ground without our generated ones.

It looks like you’ve tried to start a boundary server with the -config flag pointed at a path that does not exist. My guess is that you accidentally truncated the ‘l’ from boundary.hcl:

I am confused by the documentation.
Nowhere said to create the boundary.hcl file, nor what should I put inside it …

I just want to create my own server with persistent DB, but reading docs I can’t.