Intro Tutorial Not Working On M1 MacOSX 14.2 With Docker Desktop 4.26.1 Nomad 1.7.2

Was pretty hyped to get going and learning about Nomad and followed the exact steps in the intro tutorial - created the cluster succesfully and then went to execute the deployment. Unfortunately the deployment fails with a permissions issue in the attached logs

. It definitely appears to be a permissioning issue - and would appreciate if anyone has a proposed fix. BTW created the cluster with Sudo as suggested and deployed as a user.

Hi @david9,

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Could you please try creating the cluster without sudo and see if that fixes the issue? I have just tested it, and it works without sudo.

Running Nomad with sudo is a pre-requisite when running Nomad on a Linux host with Docker.

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Thanks - that fixed it - probably should have a note in the tutorial…