Is building images on Kubernetes supported?

I’ve deployed Waypoint 0.6.1 to GKE and am testing the following build step:

  build {
    use "pack" {
      builder = "heroku/buildpacks:20"

This fails with:

» Building example-nodejs...
! error validating Docker connection: Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at
  unix:///var/run/docker.sock. Is the docker daemon running?

Is this not supported?

HI irab,

Thanks for trying out Waypoint! By default, Waypoint uses your local machine to build artifacts. This error is likely because docker isn’t running locally.

I did an install to kubernetes using the Waypoint helm chart. My local waypoint cli was configure to use the waypoint server installed on GKE.

The issue is that the remote runner on GKE doesn’t have docker running or a docker socket exposed. So pack will fail. Pack requires a docker socket.

Would be great to support building images without needing to setup running docker on kubernetes. Either with Podman/Buildah, Kaniko or the CNB lifecycle/creator binary.

Hi @irab, can you run waypoint runner profile list? That will tell us if you have ondemand runner profiles configured properly. When you do, waypoint will launch new pods for each job and will actually use kaniko under the hood to build images for you.

So basically, you’re nearly there but for some reason waypoint isn’t launching in the mode needed to use those tools.