Is it possible to do port tunneling with boundary?

Currently we can only use boundary connect with [ssh,postgres,http,rdp,kube] protocols. Is it possible to do more open ports kind of thing. Like I want to expose my redis server or mysql server etc… Is it possible to achieve those with boundary?

Hi there,

When you create a TCP target, you’re creating it with any port and connection parameters you want. boundary connect can create a tunnel for any TCP usage.

The boundary connect {ssh, postgres, etc} sub-commands are just helpers to make it easier to use Boundary with these protocols, e.g. by automatically filling in host names and addresses for you. But they’re not required!

Can I get some example on how to use connect for using generic TCP port? Let’s say I’ve a redis running on my server how to use the boundary connect to have redis port forwarded?

Figured out. If I just use boundary connect it’s openeing the tcp proxy.