Is it possible to use import config to import a resource that uses the count meta-argument?

We have a module that creates s3 buckets and at the heart of it is the use of publicly available module terraform-aws-modules/s3-bucket/aws/latest. Looking at the source code for that module shows us that the aws_s3_bucket resource uses a count meta argument

I want to import an existing bucket using the new terraform import block so I’ve defined it like this:

import {
  # note the use of [0] to reflect the count meta-arg
  to = module.our-bucket-name.this.aws_s3_bucket.this[0]
  id = "our-bucket-name"

Running terraform plan then fails with:

│ Error: Invalid expression

│ on line 76, in import:
│ 76: to = “module.somebucket.this.aws_s3_bucket.this[0]”

│ A single static variable reference is required: only attribute access and
│ indexing with constant keys. No calculations, function calls, template│ expressions, etc are allowed here.

Am I to understand it that resources that use the count meta arg cannot be imported? If so this would be dreadfully disappointing, especially given I’m using a very popular public module here.

ignore, it was user error. The import block needed to be

import {
  to = module.our-bucket-name.module.this.aws_s3_bucket.this[0]
  id = "our-bucket-name"