Is nomad ui only allowed for enterprise paid version?


I’ve just downloaded the nomad’s latest version and hit the url:- xxxxxx:4646

But receiving this error in the console logs. I’m using the same node as client and server. Can anyone help please…

2021-01-28T14:19:41.644-0600 [ERROR] http: request failed: method=GET path=/v1/operator/license error="Nomad Enterprise only endpoint" code=501

Hey, the UI is definitely not enterprise-only. It does send a request to the license endpoint upon load to determine whether it should show enterprise features (Dynamic Application Sizing).

We’re planning to update OSS Nomad to handle that request without throwing an error. You can track that issue here. I’m sorry for the confusion!


I wanted to deploy this into production. Before that we have to get the approval of using third party applications.

By when you’re expecting that this issue will resolve because our approval process takes time and on every update we need an approval. It will be difficult if I get approval for this version and in the meantime newer version is available. It shall be problematic and redundant for us.

Hey, I don’t know when this will be resolved and included in a release, sorry. But it should work fine in its current state, are you finding that you can’t connect to the UI? If so, it’s likely an unrelated problem, but let us know and we might be able to figure it out.

The newly-released 1.0.4 includes a change to make the open source version handle the enterprise license request return a 204 No Content instead of a 501. Let us know how this works for you :grinning:

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@backspace ,

Oh great. Thanks a lot for updating. Will definitely check this.