Is terraform kubernetes provider using deprecated APIs?

Hi, I’m currently using terraform v1.2.5 on linux_amd64 with kubernetes provider version 2.12.1.

After I applied some changes to one of my GKE clusters (running on I got an error pop up on the console UI, saying: Migrate to updated APIs.

When I dig into it a bit to see more details it says:

This cluster will not be scheduled for an automatic upgrade to v1.22 , the next minor version, because your API clients have used deprecated APIs in the last 30 days…

I’m using a kubernetes_manifest. Could this be the source?

Hmm. A quick glance of terraform-provider-kubernetes/nonstructuredcustomresource_test.go at d43e971559eaefe5daca12edd671b0d662bd0b21 · hashicorp/terraform-provider-kubernetes · GitHub suggest to that it is.