When specifically is Terraform 0.11 deprecated?

This deprecation notice says that Terraform 0.11 will be deprecated “starting later in mid-November and continuing into next year”. Is it know when specifically this will happen? The AWS provider is the one I’m most interested in.


Hi John,

When you say you’re “interested” in the AWS provider, in what sense? If you pin your versions as noted in the deprecation notice, things should continue to work as long as the underlying APIs don’t change from AWS.

Over time, as AWS adds new services and features, you’ll likely find a growing separation in the available features, as you would with staying on any older version of software.

Hi @pkolyvas, thanks for your reply.

Right, we can and do already use version pins for the AWS provider. But as you mention, staying on an old version indefinitely would cause us to lose new features, bugfixes, etc. We don’t want to lose those things, so we do want to migrate our code to Terraform 0.12, preferably before the AWS provider stops actively supporting 0.11.

I’m just wondering when specifically the cutoff date will be, if there is one, so I can prioritize when I need to treat Terraform 0.12 as a must-have instead of a nice-to-have.

We think 0.12 is a must-have now. :wink:

But seriously, have you tried to run the upgrade tool to see how much work is involved? Perhaps you’re closer than you think?

If you haven’t tried it, we have a checklist tool you can run in 0.11.14: https://www.terraform.io/upgrade-guides/0-12.html#terraform-0-12checklist

I think the best answer I can give you is upgrade as-soon-as-possible. We haven’t drawn a line in the sand with Terraform itself yet, but are no longer fixing Terraform 0.11.x bugs.