Is there a programmatic way to look up the latest version?

Is there a programmatic way to determine the latest version of the Vault (or really any of the HashiCorp products) binary? I have some scripts that I have written to download binaries, but I have to manually update the version to go get.

I would love to be able to use the new apt repo, but I am not able to find any arm64 support just yet. Similarly, I can probably just scrape the front pages, or the releases page, but I thought I’d check to see if there was an API or other recommended way to go about this.

You might be able to use the GitHub API to do this; see

The release is usually tagged in GH after we stage and release new binaries.

My team tells me that release engineering is working on a “latest” link at, or of course as you mention you could scrape the release page for Vault.

There was/ is the checkpoint page. It covers not all products - by design - but you can get the latest versions.

For example for consul:

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Fantastic! Many thanks

Interesting that Vault is not in the list

There was a post by a developer… Let me see…

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Yeah, the main page states that Vault is intentionally not included. Curious as to why though.

I use this:


for i in vault consul-template fabio
  if [[ ${i} == "fabio" ]]; then
  ver=$(curl -fsS${corp}/${i}/tags \
    | jq -re '.[].name' \
    | grep -v 'beta\|rc' \
    | sed 's/^v\(.*\)$/\1/g' \
    | sort -Vr \
    | head -1)
  echo -e "${ver}\t${i^}"

for i in terraform nomad consul
    ver=$(curl -Ss -X GET${i}|jq -r .current_version)
    echo -e "${ver}\t${i^}"
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This is the work of heroes, right here. Thank you Billy!

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