Vault missing in checkpoint api

I am missing Vault in the checkpoint api ( for checking the actual version (e.g. Is this intended?
Could you furthermore add more HashiCorp products? My personal wishlist would be:

  • consul-template
  • consul-aws
  • consul-esm
  • consul-replicate
  • envconsul
  • vault-ssh-helper

Kind regard,

Hi Tobias,

As a Vault dev, I was previously unfamiliar with this page. I did notice that it says, “Note that Vault, Sentinel, Serf, and Terraform Providers are intentionally not integrated with Checkpoint.” I asked the team about it and it sounds like we didn’t want it phoning home to learn the Vault version.

I will open a feature request internally to add these and link the request to this.


Hi Tobias,

If you haven’t already, can you open the consul-related piece of your request on the Consul forum? I have opened a ticket internally related to the Vault pieces of your request.


Oh, sorry, so I missed the note about not phoning home. But just thought so. Thanks for the hint.

Yes, I’ll do. Thanks a lot.