Is there a way to use aws_codepipeline_webhook to trigger CodePipelines on the push of a git tag?

I’ve been using aws_codepipeline_webhook to create webhook triggers for my codepipeline. I was looking to do the following setup:

  1. Dev Pipeline: Trigger on merge to develop branch
  2. Stage Pipeline: Trigger on merge to master branch
  3. Prod Pipeline: Trigger on push of a git tag to master branch.

1 and 2 were easy to figure out and the provider documentation did a good job of showing how to accomplish that.

3 is where I got held up. I attempted the following different values in the filter.match_equals:

  1. “refs/tags/*”
  2. “refs/tags/”

But neither of those worked.

I’ve since put this down, and put a manual approval step before my Prod CodePipeline’s Deploy stage, so that the pipeline is executed on merge to master, but it requires a manual approval before the deployment to my cluster is actually kicked off. That is fine for now, but I am still wondering if it was possible to trigger that pipeline off of a git tag push and if I just missed somewhere on how to do so.

Any ideas?