Is this Provider frozen for PR's?

I have recently created a PR on the terraform-provider-tls and I was curious to see what the review process was like so I went hunting for other open and closed PRs. I was a little shocked to see a ton of open PRs, some with very useful features, with next to no comments or reviews. The few comments I did see were from other users begging for the feature. From the looks of it most if not all have their tests passing and are just waiting on a review. The vast majority of closed PRs are automated version bumps, and the few I could find that were raised manually tended to be minor docs updates or version changes. It seems no community contributed PRs have really been merged in for the last few years.

I am not for one second coming on here to beg for a review of my particularly PR, it has only just gone online and I expect it will need some changes before it can be merged, but more to query if there’s a freeze or policy that I was unable to find that discourages these community contributions to this particular provider (or others), or if there’s somewhere else I should be contributing instead. Is there a process that I and the other PRs are supposed to follow, or reviewers we are meant to contact? More than anything I just want to check if there’s something obvious I and the other PRs are missing, and if possible could this be communicated?