Review Frequency of Vault Provider PRs

Hey HashiCorp, may I know the frequency that PRs on the Vault provider repository are reviewed? I currently have two PRs submitted that have had zero interaction for 16 days.

I have more in the pipeline which I would like to submit, but I feel like it’s not going to be worth my time if they are going to lie ignored for weeks and possibly months.

I notice that tyrannosaurus-becks has left HashiCorp and when she joined HashiCorp about a year or so ago, the situation improved with PRs being reviewed fortnightly. It looks like it has gone back to the good old days before she joined with PRs sitting out for months.

It would be ideal if HashiCorp could ensure that the provider has feature parity with each release of Vault, but failing that, the community can step in to fill the void, but only if the are reviewed and merged timely.

Hi @lawliet89,

To start: thanks for all of your contributions. You’ve been a huge help on the Vault Provider and it has been noticed and much appreciated.

The Vault Provider review cadence has definitely dropped, but it is something we’re aware of and are working to remedy. There is a steady demand for Provider features both internally and from the OSS community that we intended to meet. We’re working through the reallocation of that work, as well as establishing a regular review/release pace. Additionally, there has been investment in work that will help more broadly, such as the ability to autogenerate endpoints from the OpenAPI definitions that Vault provides.

Thanks again for your contributions, and for your patience.


P.S. We’ll make sure your two open PRs are reviewed soon.

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Thank you @kalafut for your response. :slight_smile: