Is vault_ldap_secret_backend missing the 'schema' attribute?

On reading the document at Migration Guide - Active Directory - Secrets Engines | Vault | HashiCorp Developer about migrating off the AD secret engine to the LDAP one, the document mentions setting the ‘schema’ attribute (LDAP - Secrets Engines - HTTP API | Vault | HashiCorp Developer) on the LDAP configuration.

However, when looking at the resource for the vault_ldap_secret_backend, I see no argument which maps to ‘schema’. Is this on the roadmap? Or is it there but just not documented yet?

It looks like schema is just not documented based on what I’m seeing in the source: terraform-provider-vault/vault/resource_ldap_secret_backend.go at main · hashicorp/terraform-provider-vault · GitHub

It’s probably worthwhile opening an issue in the repository either way.

I should have come back and said - but I did exactly the same as you and looked in the source and found the same thing! I’ve since used it and it’s certainly not been rejected by terraform (although it’s not worked completely, but that’s down to a firewall issue my end, and nothing to do with terraform itself.).