Issue with Vault provider in 0.12


I have a module we use to set up internal projects, create teams in multiple platforms, and set up the related permissions in some products that aren’t quite glued together.

One of those setups is to create a series of vault stores, create a set of policies, and then assign those policies to ldap groups.

At some point in the past few months this has stopped creating the relationships via the vault_ldap_auth_backend_group resource. We haven’t had much adoption of Vault on the floor yet, so this went unnoticed. No errors are thrown, it seems to apply fine, manual recreation works fine, but the relationship doesn’t show up.

We’re currently a bit behind - our installed Vault is 1.2.2.

We had the Vault provider unpinned - changing to as far back as 2.10.0 didn’t seem to make any difference.


First of all welcome to the community! Could you verify the below in TF? Update if required and see if that helps?

‘terraform version’

Display Terraform binary Version, also warn you if version is old

‘terraform get-update true’

Download and updale modules in the root module

Sorry I didn’t get back to this, didn’t see the notification.

Turned out the problem was with Jumpckloud. The provider we’re using/enhancing has very minimal support and was not enabling the LDAP export on groups, which meant vault couldn’t see the groups.

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