Is vault persistent storage open source as a database?


After vault 1.4, hashicorp is using its own persistent storage for vault rather than using bolt db.

Is this storage open source? I have always been a very big fan of hashicorp and till date we are using almost every product of hashicorp in our organisation.

Currently, for in-memory DB we are using bolt bunt db and redis. In addition, we are evaluating badger as well. Is it possible if you can open source you custom persistent storage as a separate DB so that other users can take benefit of it.

If it is already available then please share the link. Thank you for making such an efficient products.

Hi @smartaquarius10,

according to [1], Vault integrated storage that was introduced in Vault 1.4 uses BoltDB under the hood.

I think the interesting part about Vault integrated storage is the data replication across nodes based on the Raft consensus algorithm. You can find more information about it on the linked page. I believe Hashicorp didn’t open source a generic distributed database that uses Raft and BoltDB.


[1] Integrated Storage | Vault by HashiCorp

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Thanks for the info. I thought hashicorp has removed the dependency on bolt db and introducing some db of their own.