Issue with Provider using terraformer import

Trying to use terraformer to import google resources, and every time, no matter what resources I specify, it throws this error at the very start:

[ERROR] plugin.terraform-provider-google_v4.62.1_x5: Response contains error diagnostic: diagnostic_severity=ERROR tf_proto_version=5.3 tf_req_id=6cd869d2-eb32-f9af-6dbe-31bb0752a038 tf_rpc=Configure @module=sdk.proto diagnostic_attribute=""
  | An unexpected error was encountered trying to build a value. This is always an error in the provider. Please report the following to the provider developer:
  | Received null value, however the target type cannot handle null values. Use the corresponding `types` package type, a pointer type or a custom type that handles null values.
  | Path: 
  | Target Type: google.ProviderModel
  | Suggested `types` Type: basetypes.ObjectValue
  | Suggested Pointer Type: *google.ProviderModel
   diagnostic_summary="Value Conversion Error" timestamp=2023-04-19T12:17:47.970-0500

It will continue on, until it (seemingly randomly) throws this error and goes into a loop:

[ERROR] plugin: plugin process exited: path=/Users/andyjohnson/.terraform.d/plugins/darwin_arm64/terraform-provider-google_v4.62.1_x5 pid=61707 error="exit status 2"
rpc error: code = Canceled desc = context canceled
WARN: Fail read resource from provider, wait 300ms before retry

Hi @a.johnson,

I’m not sure if the maintainers of the Google Cloud Platform provider actively monitor this forum, and so I’d suggest instead reporting this bug in the provider’s GitHub repository. Thanks!