Issue with VMware provider?

I’m trying to create a series of Windows VMs via Vagrant (macOS 10.15.3 host, VMware Fusion & Vagrant VMware plugin) but I’m having an issue with the networking.

If I don’t specify any networking config in my VagrantFile, I get a single network adapter on my VMware private network and it’s using DHCP, as expected.

If I try to set a fixed IP address using "private_network", ip: "" then I get two network adapters in my guest box, in a Windows box both are DHCP enabled and connected to vmnet8, in a Linux box one is DHCP enabled and connected to vmnet8, the second assigns the expected IP address and creates a new vmnet network within Fusion.

Am I not able to configure my vagrant boxes to have a single adapter with a fixed IP address? From what I read, it seems like VirtualBox can do this? Is this a limitation in the plugin or within VMwares product?

Hi there,

The first interface you see on the guest is the NAT interface which is generated by Vagrant and is required. This interface is used for port forwarding, among other things. Users have posted methods in the past for disabling the NAT interface but I’m afraid that setup is not supported by Vagrant.

You may be able to accomplish this by adding provider-specific customizations in your Vagrantfile: