Virtualbox NAT Networks (Preferences/Networks/NAT Networks) with Vagrantfile - How to reference it properly?


Under Fedora 34 + Vagrant + Virtualbox I am trying to set a 2nd adapter via Vagrantfile to connect to a NAT Network created with Virtualbox.

I tried to specify this second adapter in various ways but I am unable to set exactly the setting I need. ( perhaps calling a vboxmanage command in the vagrantfile if possible? )

Anyone knows how to achieve exactly what I need in this example?

( You can see on the screenshots it is different from the basic/simple NAT adapter Vagrant uses/assigns by default to the 1st NIC adapter ( and it can not be changed as far as I know)

This ,new" NAT Networks can allow various guests connected to the same NAT Network adapter to communicate with each other while also receiving NAT functionality to go out towards WAN/Internet. With the basic/simple NAT adapter previously present in Virtualbox each machine was isolated on its own and they were not able to talk to each other only outwards / towards WAN/Internet.

This ,new" NAT Networks eliminates the workaround to host a separate Guest Machine on your virtualbox environment to act as a router/gateway outwards/WAN/Internet while handling traffic for all internal guests connected to the same network to communicate between each other.


Viktor Madarasz