Issues with the "Provision a GKE Cluster" Tutorial

I’m starting to use Terraform in a GCP course I’m doing. I’ve found some issues with the tutorial that were frustrating, and I’ve been able to fix a couple of them:

  1. The file actually does not work currently as written. You get a quota related error when the location settings for the main cluster and the node pool is set to a region. This error is described in a Stack Overflow comment, and the fix suggested there is correct: you need to limit the locations for these two items to a zone.

  2. The permissions granted to the node pool are stunted, and your cluster as created will not be able to load images from the GCP Container Registry (and possibly not from the newer Artifactory either). Again, there’s a Stack Overflow thread that suggests how to fix the oauth_scopes for the node_config so that the correct permissions are extended to the cluster.

It would be good if somebody looked at the tutorial to make sure it still works correctly, and that the code as presented doesn’t have these particular bugs.