Job run command occasionally yields an empty DeploymentID

Is it normal for the job run command to sometimes return an empty string for DeploymentID ?

nomad job run -var "image_tag=XXX" -namespace=dev -detach ./app.nomad
    "AnnotatePlan": false,
    "BlockedEval": "",
    "ClassEligibility": null,
    "CreateIndex": 110124,
    "CreateTime": 1702404574345839777,
    "DeploymentID": "",
    "EscapedComputedClass": false,
    "FailedTGAllocs": null,
    "ID": "b7d57d3c-de29-c0ab-781f-32f6d5fff034",
    "JobID": "api",
    "JobModifyIndex": 110124,
    "ModifyIndex": 110124,
    "ModifyTime": 1702404574345839777,
    "Namespace": "dev",
    "NextEval": "",
    "NodeID": "",
    "NodeModifyIndex": 0,
    "PreviousEval": "",
    "Priority": 50,
    "QueuedAllocations": null,
    "QuotaLimitReached": "",
    "RelatedEvals": null,
    "SnapshotIndex": 0,
    "Status": "pending",
    "StatusDescription": "",
    "TriggeredBy": "job-register",
    "Type": "service",
    "Wait": 0,
    "WaitUntil": null

Most of the time it returns DeploymentID as intended.

Nomad: v1.6.2

Yes. That’s an evaluation. Evaluation may have a deployment or not. If evaluation wasn’t processed yet, then there is no deployment.