Nomad deployment api result

I want using nomad api to get my allocation data from a specific deployment id. . There is a bug while calling response from this url which is whenever any allocation from said deployment id is restarted or reallocated to different node, in the response json we are unable to see that allocation. I want to know is there a way to list all the allocation irrespective of it got restarted reallocated or its running fine.
Nomad Version = Nomad v1.4.2 (039d70eeef5888164cad05e7ddfd8b6f8220923b)


allocation from said deployment id is restarted

Could you confirm that the allocation is only restarted? It would maintain is ID and not move to a terminal state?

reallocated to different node

Allocations that are reallocated (rescheduled) will be classed as a new allocation with a new ID. This will trigger a new deployment, and therefore not show up, as should be expected, within the old deployment.

If you want to see all allocations for a given job, the job list allocations endpoint is probably a better option.

jrasell and the Nomad team