Just another directory as a module

I feel like I’m missing something. I always find it strange when people use just another directory in their repo as a module since that is not independently versioned. Every other module that uses it just has to roll with whatever change velocity that directory has or you have to make multiple copies of that directory at whatever “version” you need or you do a submodule thing if you are a git user.

Am I missing something that would make this sound not chaotic?

For reference, we have modiules that are each in their own repos and source them using a git::https versioned URL.

Hi @grimm26,

Creating modules is not always about versioning the modules, a group of modules may still be considered a single entity. It is often for the ability to parameterize some aspects of the module, and the ability to create multiple instances of that module. Sometimes it is just for organization, to make the configuration easier to manage. look at many of the more complex modules in the registry, they are imported under a single version but often contain multiple directories.

So this would be more of a thing done within “child” modules and not directly within the root module?

It’s the same consideration whether it’s in a remote module or local module within the root module. You may consider them all versioned as a single unit and use the local modules as a way to organize, expand, or parameterize certain aspects of the configuration.