K/V path metadata

I wonder if there is any way to associate metadata (e.g. a description) to a K/V path.

I am considering things like description of the secret layout, what data is supposed to be contained there, etc which could be displayed on the “view” page, or retrieved as a metadata part of the secret.

Am I missing something that already exists?

You can add a description to the KV mount but as far as I’m aware secret metadata only contains system generated details about the secret (version number, when created, last updated, etc.).

There is an open feature request that I believe is asking for what you’re describing: Add secret description to metadata · Issue #10714 · hashicorp/vault · GitHub - Give it a thumbs up to show your interest in the feature to help get it prioritized.

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Yes, this is exactly what I need. Thanks very much for reference to the issue, I’ve :+1:'d it. I think it would make a very appropriate and useful UI addition, where there are folks in a team who consume secrets but don’t really know what they’re looking at. I’m also think of the case where there is turnover in a team - the only documentation of why secrets are put in a certain way is in the Terraform comments (if one is lucky!).