Keep Dynamic Port on job rescheduling relocation to another

I have a nomad cluster running in AWS and ALB/NLB modules (and nomad jobs) managed by terraform.

The ports are currently assigned static, but we are planning to run multistage workload in the same cluster and that approach should benefit from Nomad’s dynamic port allocation.

To get an overview of the ports to configure the target groups I make use of a consul service data provider.

There is one limitation with that approach that on a relocation of a nomad scheduled service a new port number is evaluated and exposed. That means on each downtime of a nomad client I need to trigger the terraform module for the targetgroup reconfiguration.

Is there some best practise how to workaround that? In K8N I have the cloud controller that performs the lb configuration. Is there something similar in nomad?

Of course if there is the possibility to keep the same port number on relocation to another node - that would be a great deal.