Is it possible to assign dynamic IP for each allocation like Kubes PODs

We are planning to use Nomad as a container orchestration platform for already existing applications which are currently deployed on EC2 Instance as 1 to 1 (one replica for EC2). As each replica gets a dedicated EC2 Instance & IP, we are using standard ports 8080, 8443, etc and it makes it easy for service discovery & when connecting these services from the browser.
So, it is possible to assign dynamic IP for each replica on Nomad?

It’s not exactly clear what you’re asking, but in general Nomad is flexible when it comes to networking. You can for example specify the network_interface a Client uses for network fingerprinting. You can specify additional host_network options to make available for use by tasks. You can also use a CNI plugin with Nomad to have total control over your own software defined network.