_keyring file is missing under core directory


It’s the singnode vault setup in kubernetes, somehow my _keyring file is missing under the core directory so the vault is not getting started with the error [INFO] core: security barrier not initialized.

I’m unable to unseal the vault now. Can someone help how to regenerate the file.

A relevant big was recently fixed: Fix keyring file missing after Vault restart by shujun10086 · Pull Request #15946 · hashicorp/vault · GitHub

Unfortunately, with the keyring lost, the Vault data is not recoverable.

Is there any other way to unseal the vault now that it’s a production environment and we’ll lose all the data?

There is no way - the keyring file contained the encryption keys with which all the user data in Vault is encrypted.

With it lost, unless you have your own backup elsewhere, all the data is permanently lost.